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Affirmations have become sort of a big deal, lately. Countless people are using them to enhance their overall sense of hope, strength, and self belief. People have also LOVED buying these as gifts for others. By partnering up with us, you will become a part of the movement. You will share the power of affirmations with others and provide a way for them to be inspired and encouraged. Not only this but you will earn a percentage of every card deck without ever lifting a finger (except to copy and paste your affiliate link) . It's a win/win for everyone!

How It Works

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Rewards In A Nutshell

  • Share your affiliate links everywhere your people hang out (blog, website, linktree, podcast, etc.)

  • Receive 15% payment from every order received using your link

  • Payments can be deposited to Paypal or straight to your bank account

  • Affiliate link is valid for 1 year from date of enrolled partnership

  • Sit back and relax, earn cash, and change lives by spreading hope and joy with others!